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  • Jun10Thu

    His Grace

    June 10, 2010

     The Lord said to the Apostle Paul, "my grace is sufficient for thee".

    Grace in its simplest definition is the unmerited favor of God. God's favor, what an awesome thing to have. 

    Humanly speaking if someone has your favor they are in your "good graces", or in other words you are pleased with them.

    I think its the same with the Lord. One thing that comes to mind as I write this is the admonition in Hebrews 11:6 where we learn that "without faith it is impossible" to please God. It as we walk out our lives in faith, trusting in, relying on and adhere to him that we please him, it is also through faith that we access this grace (favor) wherein we stand. (Rom. 5:2)

    Something else to consider. Think about what Paul was facing, tumults, shipwrecks, being stoned and left for dead and unjustly jailed to name a few. This messenger from satan was making life tough for Paul (don't know about you but tougher stuff than I've faced for the most part). Yet Paul looks at it all and says if I have His favor it's all good. He said later on in the letter to the Philippians that he had learned .. that he could do all things or was sufficient for all things through Christ who strengthened him. 

    I was just thinking. Lord if you are pleased with me the rest of "it" really doesn't matter. Life can throw some crazy stuff at us at times, but as long as we stick to Jesus, trusting in and obeying him he will be pleased and thats what counts ... right? I want to hear him say "well done thou good and faithful servant". 

    Stick with Jesus ... His Grace is sufficient to make you sufficient.