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  • Jul19Sun

    Thoughts and Plots

    July 19, 2009



    Psa 19:14  KJV                        Let the words 561 of my mouth 6310, and the meditation 1902 of my heart 3820, be acceptable7522 in thy sight 6440, O LORD 3068, my strength 6697, and my redeemer 1350


         Meditation - 1) meditation, resounding music, musing

         a) resounding music

    b) meditation, plotting


    Acceptable - 1) pleasure, delight, favour, goodwill, acceptance, will

    a) goodwill, favour

    b) acceptance

    c) will, desire, pleasure, self-will


    What song are you singing?  The Gospel or the Blues?

    What are you thoughts plotting success or failure?

    Are the thoughts, the plots you are making acceptable to Lord?

      God has a plan for our lives. We can plot our course based on His plan and direction, if we choose to do so. We can think His thoughts about us or we can take the worlds view.

      Because the world system we live in is under the curse of sin much of what we confront in the natural is contrary to the Word of God. We have to choose to think His thoughts, we have choose His way and we will have to resist the “easy” way of just going with the flow of what everyone else (the world) is doing. We will have to resist the negative thoughts and attitudes that come our way. 

      We will have to choose to go “with the flow” of the Holy Spirit.

     We decide our focus. We choose our thoughts, which in turn shape our words, our actions and our lives.


     Discipline your thoughts, so you don’t lose the plot.